For most people, the image of Japan is an enigmatic one, with a vague notion of geishas and samurai warriors. Japan is indeed a nation of contrasts and those who venture there on holiday will gain a greater understanding of the unique ancient culture and traditions of this beautiful country, as well as experiencing the modern innovations and infrastructural genius which has made contemporary Japan a powerhouse.

Japan's major cities (Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka) appear on the surface to be westernized, but visitors quickly realize that the sleek modern culture of Japan is expertly blended with millennia of tradition, evident in the Buddhist and Shinto temples sprinkled throughout the urban centres, intricate social rituals for eating and greeting, and other small reminders of Japan's long and proud history.

Once out of the cities, visitors can explore a different side of Japan, climbing one of the country's 200 mountains, soaking in secluded hot springs, visiting ancient shrines and castles, or attending a sumo match.

Whether it's for skiing in the winter in Hokkaido, viewing the cherry blossoms in spring in Kyoto, or enjoying the sunshine of late summer in Tokyo, a holiday in Japan is a rewarding adventure for all.


Capital City : Tokyo
Best time to visit : March to April (Spring, for cherry blossoms) and Oct to Nov (for beautiful Autumn scenery) and Dec to March (Winter for skiing).
Currency : Japanese Yen
Official Language : Japanese.


Gastronomic Japan – A food trail through Tokyo, Kyoto and Kobe

08 Days
Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe, Kobe-Osaka, Nara.
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Rural Old Japan – For the connoisseurs

07 Days
Tokyo, Haneda, Komatsu, Kaga Onsen, Shirakawa-go, Takayama, Nagoya.
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Classic Japan – Kyoto, Mt. Fuji, Tokyo

08 Days
Osaka, Kyoto, Mt Fuji, Tokyo
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