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Undoubtedly the most isolated country on Earth, North Korea is undoubtedly one of the strangest and most fascinating countries on the planet.

Despite being a stone’s throw away from technologically advanced neighbors, South Korea, North Korea is undoubtedly a world away from its Southern counterparts. When you enter the “Hermit Kingdom”, you are immediately whisked away into a land shrouded in mystery and enigma. It is perhaps this sense of conundrum that is the overwhelming attraction of North Korea. Tourism in the Hermit Kingdom is very strictly controlled by the government.

In order to visit, one has to be part of a guided tour and independent travel is not allowed. There are strict limitations on one’s movement and behavior. One should be prepared to accept these limitations; else you should not plan to travel to North Korea.


Capital City : Pyongyang
Best time to visit : May to June and Sept to Oct.
Currency : North Korean Won
Official Language : Korean


North Korea – Exploring the Hermit Kingdom

05 Days
Pyongyang, Mt. Myohyang, Kaesong.
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