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Popular not just for its Korean drama series, South Korea is a charming and energetic country with lots to offer. The country has 8 UNESCO heritage sights, beautiful landscape boasting villages and mountains as well as a thousand year old ancient capital.

Seoul, the skyscraper filled capital, features high-tech shopping, late-night lounges and tasty food. Jeju Island, with its benign weather and abundance of natural scenery, is also a major attraction. Gyeongju, the cultural heart of the country is the capital of the ancient Shilla dynasty – the longest surviving kingdom in the history of Korea.

Finally, just a short drive away from Seoul, one can still get a taste of the frosty relations between South Korea and North Korea at the DMZ, arguably the tensest border in the world.


Capital City : Seoul
Best time to visit : April to May (spring), Oct to Nov (autumn), Dec to Mar (winter for skiing).
Currency : South Korean Won
Official Language : Korean


Classic South Korea

08 Days
Seoul, Jeju, Busan, Gyeongju
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