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Bolivia shares the aura of mystery and ancient culture which draws travellers to South America, and is an increasingly popular destination for adventure tourism and budget travel. It is rugged, unpolished and somewhat overwhelming but this diamond-in-the-rough richly rewards exploration. Bolivia lures courageous tourists and is ultimately a wild place, promising the sweaty splendour of the Amazon jungle, the surreal white emptiness of the world's largest salt flats, and the towering heights of the Andes.

Although the dramatic natural landscapes are enough to justify a visit for many, Bolivia also commands respect for its cultural and spiritual wealth: the country is home to the ancient Aymara, Tiahuanaco and Inca civilisations, among many others, and proudly enshrines cultures and languages found nowhere else on Earth. In fact, Bolivia is celebrated as having the most concentrated indigenous population in Latin America, with much of the population still embracing the beliefs, rituals and lifestyles of their ancient predecessors.

Bolivia can be a challenging destination and is undoubtedly a bit rough around the edges, but for those seeking an authentic South American adventure this off-the-beaten-track status is a big advantage.


Capital City : Sucre.
Best time to visit : May to October.
Currency : Bolivian Boliviano.
Official Language : Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, Guarani.


Bolivia – Culture and Biking Adventure

14 Days
Santa Cruz, Samaipata, La Yunga-Amboro National Park, Sucre, Cal Orck’o, Potosi, Cerro Rico, Uyuni, Isla Incahuasi, Tiwanaku Ruins, Moon Valley, La Paz, Copacabana, La Chincana, Yungas Road.
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