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Because of its distinctive long ribbon shape in South America, the country of Chile is blessed with widely varied climate and terrain which contributes much to the diversity that makes the country so attractive for tourists.

Ranging from the hot and dry Atacama Desert in the north all the way to the cold and windy Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip of the continent, Chile's lush landscape includes dense jungles, lonely mountain peaks, rolling wine lands, picturesque fjords and sunny beaches. Many of Chile's most popular attractions are found in its rich culture as well, however. Vibrant cities like Santiago and Valparaíso offer colorful markets, stately mansions and historical monuments, buzzing nightlife and fascinating museums.

The most intrepid explorers can earn their stripes by venturing far out to sea to Easter Island, to see the famous and enigmatic statues that have puzzled archaeologists for centuries. A holiday in Chile promises excitement and enjoyment for all types of traveler, and an unforgettable South American adventure.


Capital City : Santiago.
Best time to visit : Oct – Nov and March – April.
Currency : Chilean Peso.
Official Language : Spanish.


Wonders of Chile

07 Days
Santiago, Valparaiso, Viña del Mar, San Pedro de Atacama, El Tatio Geysers.
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Patagonia Adventure

04 Days
Torres del Paine National Park, Grey Glacier.
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Easter Island – Navel of the World

04 Days
Anakena Beach, Orongo Beach, Ahu Aviki “The seven Moais Platform”.
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Adventure and Heritage in Lakes District

04 Days
Puerto Varas, Petrohué, Lake Todos los Santos.
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